Rimay Monlam 2016 ~ A Tibetan Buddhist Peace Prayer Gathering ~ May 16 – 21, 2016
A Good Karma, Non-profit Event Welcoming All Practitioners
With the Blessings & Good Wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Committee members Tulku Sherab Dorje and Lama Surya Das upon the inauguration of the 2012 Rimay Monlam at Garrison Institute.

Letter to His Holiness the Dalai Lama
from the 2012 Rimay Monlam Committee

June 6, 2012

The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Dharamsala, India

Your Holiness,

Exactly one year ago today, we wrote to request your blessings for the 2012 Rimay Monlam, a Tibetan Buddhist Peace Prayer Convocation. We are very pleased to inform you that this Monlam, which began on June 1 at Garrison Institute on the shore of the Hudson River in New York State, successfully concluded on June 4, the most auspicious day of Saga Dawa. There was no political agenda and no profit motive for this event, which was solely dedicated to sharing and spreading the blessings of dharma.

More than 60 people attended in person, including a dozen Lamas representing many different lineages, and sangha leaders from around the U.S. and several other countries as well. There were, in addition, 25 sponsors who supported the Monlam and enabled other individuals, both monastic and lay, to attend. A great number of other sangha members joined in the prayers from afar, including from prison, from remote states, and from affiliated sanghas in other countries.  >click here to continue to read the letter in full


The 2016 Rimay Monlam Invitation Committee Invites You To Join Us!

Enjoy this special time and space for meditation, exercise, discussion and inspiration, celebration and consecration, as well as short discourses by prominent Dharma teachers in attendance. This event is in Tibetan / English / Portuguese, but with sadhanas to all the different languages. Add your voice to the call for harmony and prosperity in all schools, lineages, traditions, monasteries, and sanghas, and in our society and the natural world!


Krishna Das

Special Benefit Event with ……

Whether or not you can attend the entire Monlam this year, please join us at Thubten Phunsog Gephel Ling retreat centre on June 01, 2016, at 7:00 PM for a special benefit evening of beautiful music and devotional chanting with ……… Proceeds will provide low-income registrants financial assistance to attend the weekend. The event is free to Monlam registrants.

Click here for ticket information.

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I have always supported a Rimay approach [and] I shall be honoured and delighted to join the rimay monlam committee. I send all good wishes for the success of this auspicious gathering. –Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

. . . it [Rimay Monlam 2012] was really good. Great to practice with people from so many sanghas and backgrounds, and the program was also really well-conceived and executed. Definitely felt a boost in my meditation after returning home. I would recommend this to any Buddhist practitioner. I surely hope this was only the first in an ongoing yearly event."  –Bob Flaws

I have told [others about] my excellent experience and how important I think the monlam is in terms of non-sectarian prayers and western sangha maturation. –Khenmo Drolma

Teleport us to Rimay-land! What a wonderful weekend, filled with Rimay-folks and Rimay-chanting and Rimay-meals with a growing Rimay-Sangha.–Jane Harter

I feel that the opportunity for dharma communities to meet and exchange in this personal and practice-focused way is so valuable. –Lama Jampa Thaye

The prayers we chanted were beautiful.  They were new to me but not hard to learn.  It was inspiring to sit together with the teachers without the usual hierarchy...as one sangha. –Yeshe Dorfeld