Registration & Sponsorship


Be a Part of Rimay Monlam

Registration is now open! Fees cover breakfast and lunch each day, first and last day feast offerings, and other program-specific expenses, and do not include voluntary donations to support the teachers, teachings and dharma centers. The deadline for registration is May 10th, 2017.

This cost, however, does not include a penny to cover any other planning, administrative, or program expenses, all of which are being borne currently and solely by members of the Invitation Committee. We are doing everything possible to minimize these costs, though some are unavoidable.

Therefore, the Invitation Committee encourages you, when you register, to show your support for the event itself, and the selfless work without financial compensation by many individuals to plan and realize it, by making a donation to: (1) cover the actual costs of planning and organizing the 2016 Rimay Monlam; and (2) fund the participation of deserving ordained and low-income practitioners.

Payment options:

  1. Paypal Cost – $180.00 per person – link on right side of home page:

(Make a note that this is for the 2017 Monlam)

  1. Check Cost – $175.00 per person, payable to:

Blazing Wisdom Institute

13 Simmons Street, Saugerties, NY 12447

(Make a note that this is for the 2017 Monlam)

  1. Any registrations after May 10th will cost $275 per person.

Those wishing to attend who may need financial assistance, or who wish to offer financial support to those in need, please contact us.

Further details about the Rimay Monlam can be found at

When registering, you are welcome to request our assistance in finding local accommodations.

For help with registration, contact Ryan Connolly


Phone – 908-783-4519


Donor Individuals, Organizations & Foundations

We certainly welcome and appreciate like participation by other interested persons who are unable personally to attend the program!  We are also interested to hear from donor organizations and foundations who may be interested to underwrite or support this event, in whole or in part.  Please email us at  If you wish, you may designate how you wish your sponsorship donation to be used.

To Sponsor by Mail

Please make your check in an amount of your choice, payable to: Blazing Wisdom Institute, 13 Simmons Street, Saugerties, NY 12447

To Sponsor by Wire Transfer

To make larger donations through direct wire funds to our account, please contact us and we will be grateful to assist you in arranging that.

Potential Scholarships

If you are an aspiring participant facing financial constraints, please please contact us to apply for partial or full scholarships for the event. Scholarships will cover only the cost of registration in shared rooms at Thubten Phuntsog Gephel Ling, and not travel or other incidental expenses. Applications will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis, after a review of need, and applicants will be notified if and when their request can be met with available funds.

Final Funding Accounting

This event is completely non-profit, in the spirit of the Mahayana and the Rimay tradition. All funds will be used solely and judiciously for the purposes indicated. Any funds remaining after the event will be earmarked for the following year’s event, if held, or donated to a charity unrelated to and approved by a consensus of Committee Members.