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Rimay Monlam Chants CDThe Rimay Monlam Chants

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Total running time: 45 minutes

LIsten NowMany participants at the 2012 Rimay Monlam remarked on the beautiful melodies used to recite a selection of the prayers in Tibetan. (Click on the green button to listen to a sample).

By popular request, Tulku Sherdor, with the assistance and support of renowned classical guitarist and Rimay Monlam guest performer Frederic Hand, along with Lesley Hand, went into Area 52 Studios to work with professional sound engineer Dave Cook (who has worked most recently with Natalie Merchant, Graham Parker, and many other accomplished musicians) to record a full set of melodies that can be used with the Book of Common Tibetan Buddhist Prayers, the template for the Rimay Monlam.


Listen to or chant along with these beautiful melodies used with the Tibetan versions of many of the prayers recited in the Rimay Monlam!

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Here is a complete Track Listing for this recording, with some additional notes. All vocals are by Tulku Sherdor, except where otherwise noted.

1. Eight Auspicious Noble Ones

2. Shakyamuni Ritual

This melody can also be used with The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Wishes, The Three Principal Aspects of The Path, with much of Clouds of Flowers over The Ocean (the Manjusri liturgy), and with many other prayers in the volume.

3. Supplication to Gather Control

The same melody can be used for The Hook of Red Lightning, the supplication to Kurukulla.

4. Seven Line Prayer

There are endless melodies for these verses. The melody here, and the one for the mantra that follows, are taken from the Dudjom New Treasure lineage.

5. Vajra Guru Mantra

6. Prayer for HH Dalai Lama’s Long Life

This melody can also be used with any of the prayers in the volume for the expansion of the various dharma traditions.

7. King of Aspiration Prayers

The sample here is just the seven branch service at the beginning of the prayer. This melody also is used for the Qualities of Manjusri, for the Supplication to the Five Deities Who Protect from Danger, and for the Dewachen Aspiration.

8. Appeal for Riches of Jambhala

The melody is from the revealed treasures of Jambhala from His Holiness Orgyen Kusum Lingpa.

9. Offerings to The Eight Classes

10. Vajra Knot Aspiration

11. Lama Chenno Supplication

This is a remixing of a live sound board recording from the 2012 Rimay Monlam, led by guest chantmaster Janet Taylor.

12. Tara Mantra

Supporting harmony vocals from Lesley Hand. Based on a melody recorded in Taiwan.

13. The Bubble Song

Bonus track of the song written by Tulku Sherdor which premiered at the 2012 Rimay Monlam. Guitar by Frederic Hand.